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System isn’t working? No matter what the problem, we’re here to help. Before you call for service, try some quick tips to avoid unnecessary service calls.

1. Check your thermostat.
Are all the switches in the correct position? Have you check the batteries?
YES some thermostats have batteries, be careful when pulling the face off the thermostat, do not “yank” on it.  Once the batteries are replaced, it may take a few minutes for the system to reboot itself, do not be alarmed if the unit has not turned on right away. This process could take up to 10 minutes.  If it hasn’t rebooted and cool air is not coming thru the vents within the first 15 minutes, please call Clarke Air Conditioning and Heating for a service call.
2. Check your filter.
When was the last time you changed it? If dirty replace immediately.
You should be changing your filter every 28-30 days to prevent clogging of the indoor coil. Pet hair, candle wax, cleaning products, and dust particles flow thru your air filter everyday.  Be sure you always have an extra filter on hand.  To order extra’s please call Clarke Air Conditioning and Heating to purchase in quantities of  3, 6, 9 or 12 filters.
3. Check your circuit breaker.
Make sure they are in the “ON” position, not stuck in the middle or off. Because of the high demand for cooling in Arizona, it’s not unusually for APS or SRP to experience power outages due to fires, or transformers blowing. When power has been restored, make sure the breakers are turned in the “ON” position.

Avoid turning the thermostat up and down in temperature while the system is malfunctioning, which may cause the compressor to possibly lock up. To prevent damage to your air conditioning system make sure to have it
maintenance by a licensed contractor at least 1 time per year.